ITC TS-3400MIX Audio Processor & Suppressor, solve the problem of howling when multiple microphones are turned on at the same time, Support AFC feedback suppression function, support up to 16 wired microphones and 8 wireless microphones at the same time, Frequency response: 80Hz ~ 16kHz, SNR: > 75dB(A), Dynamic range: >75dB(A), THD: <0.05%, Main power supply: 100-240AC/50-60Hz.


* The panel is designed with AFC touch keys and working indicators.

* Equipped with 2 network ports for connecting wireless AP and communicating with the conference server; connect to the digital conference server through network protocol to realize audio data transmission.

* With auto mixing functions, including gain sharing type auto mixing and gate type auto mixing.

* Support AFC feedback suppression function, adopt dual notch + frequency shift method, automatically grab the howling point and set the notch frequency, the notch filter supports 12 fixed points + 12 dynamic points to effectively eliminate the howling function.

* With automatic gain function, it can effectively keep the microphone volume within a certain dynamic range.

* With the microphone voice activation function, set the tracking threshold, and the camera tracking function can be realized when the microphone speech reaches the threshold.

* Working with the digital conference server, with the auto mixing function, it can support up to 16 wired microphones and 8 wireless microphones at the same time.

* With 1 XLR balanced output and 1 RCA unbalanced output.

* With 1 EXTENSION interface, used to connect the extension port of the digital conference server.

* With 1 RS-232 communication interface (camera tracking), connected to the central controller or the camera tracking controller to realize the speech camera tracking function.

* With 1 RS-485 communication interface, used to connect cameras to achieve camera tracking.

* With 1 RS-232 communication interface (speech transcription), used to connect a speech transcription server to realize the function of speech transcription.


Simultaneous turned-on Microphone

16 Wired Mics + 8 Wireless Mics

Frequency Response

80Hz ~ 16kHz


> 75dB (A)

Dynamic Range

> 75dB (A)


< 0.05%

Main Power Supply

100-240AC / 50-60Hz

Audio Output

LINE OUT 1: 1V XLR Balanced Output.

LINE OUT 2: 1V RCA Unbalanced Output.

Output Load

> 1KΩ

Static Power Consumption


Connection Method

RJ45 Network Port

Indicator Light

AFC Function indicator
Audio Signal indicator
Working Status indicator
Power indicator



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